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Transparency Repair Services

Hump Seal Repair Kit / Commercial Aviation

Keep your windshield moisture seals in topflight shape with PPG Aerospace Hump Seal Repair Kits.

Outboard moisture seals protect aircraft windshields from moisture ingress, a leading cause of premature service life failure. Regular maintenance to the exterior hump seal can extend transparency service life. PPG Aerospace – Transparencies offers hump seal repair kits that make the process quick and easy.

Hump seal repair kits have been created for windshields on specific aircraft. PPG has assembled everything needed to complete a repair on an installed windshield, including polysulfide sealant, a moisture seal forming tool designed for that windshield, adhesion promoter, tape, razor blades and gloves. The kits come in easy-to-carry boxes so repairs can be made overnight on the line or during a minor maintenance check in the hangar.

Contact the PPG Aerospace transparencies experts to buy PPG Aerospace Hump Seal Repair Kits.

Hump Seal Repair Kit - Technical Bulletin