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Semco® Pasa-Jell 102

Semco® Pasa-Jell 102 is a blend of mineral acids, activators, and inhibitors. It does not contain fluorides and can be used in applications where fluorides are prohibited.

Semco® Pasa-Jell 102 is designed to clean and passivate aluminum and aluminum alloys.  It accomplishes the passivation by removing foreign materials and corrosion products that could set local cells and cause pitting corrosion, and by forming an extremely thin but corrosion-resistant adherent oxide film on the metal.

Semco® Pasa-Jell 102 can also be used to remove anodized coatings from aluminum, although it does not act as rapidly as Semco® Pasa-Jell 101. When spot removing anodized coatings, it will stay in place without running onto adjacent areas.