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Opticor™ Advanced Transparency Material

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  • High strength

  • Resistant to:

    • Abrasion
    • Chemical
    • Flame
    • Impact
  • Light weight

  • No extra coating required

  • Enhanced design options

Opticor™ advanced transparency material is an innovative, high performance, optically clear, transparent plastic for the aerospace industry.  Opticor™ advanced transparency material is designed for use in all aircraft transparency applications, including cockpit windows, cabin windows, landing light lenses and wing tip lenses.  

Opticor™ advanced transparency material provides excellent material performance and allows the ability to cast optimized, complex curvature transparencies.  Opticor™ advanced transparency material offers lighter weight opportunities for aerospace transparency designs, having a lower specific gravity than MIL-P-25690 stretched acrylic. This product has exceptional craze resistance, no in-plane cracking, outstanding flammability resistance, greater impact and crack propagation resistance, and outstanding stress craze resistance.  Flammability testing of an Opticor™/stretched acrylic laminate was conducted per 14CFR Part 25.853 (a). In post-test inspection, the stretched acrylic showed significant burning while the Opticor™ material did not burn or char, demonstrating the unique stability of the material in flame conditions.

Additionally, Opticor™ advanced transparency material can be cast to shape in a wide range of thicknesses and shapes, allowing aircraft transparency designers to reduce aerodynamic drag and improve the aircraft aerodynamic performance.

More Features:

  • High craze resistance
  • Greater abrasion resistance
  • Improved weathering
  • No in-plane cracking
  • High impact strength
  • Lighter weight
  • Excellent fire resistance
  • Lower ultimate creep values when subjected to constant load
  • Lower density than stretched acrylic
  • Less thermal expansion than acrylic to maintain shape
  • Much lower moisture absorption
  • Craze proof, based on long-term stress-craze testing, to maintain optical quality
  • Excellent substrate for coatings
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