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Aerospace Transparencies

Return Material Authorization - TXOPS

PPG Aerospace Transparencies TXOPS

Phone:  972-647-1366
Ship To:  PPG Texas Operations
925 Ave. H
Arlington, TX 76011 USA
ATTN: John Mallozzi

This form is required for all sales returns and warranty parts.

All product returned from outside the United States must be accompanied by shipping documents, Foreign shippers declaration. A commercial or pro forma invoice stating “Country of origin: United States” and “Products returned for repair”.

Any custom duties, fees, or penalties incurred by failure to follow this instruction will be charged to the customers’ account.

Standard shipping is to always be used for the return of items to PPG and any other freight mode charged to PPG must be approved in writing. 
Failure to attain written approval for a shipping mode other than standard shipping will result in the charge back of all freight costs to the sender.

Your RMA number is valid for 30 days from the date issued. Deliveries after expiration date will NOT be accepted.

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