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Semco® Fillet Nozzles

Semco® Fillet nozzles are specially designed for applying overlapping or ‘full’ fillet seals in the aerospace industry.  These nozzles enable end-users to control the shape of the fillet bead and have been shown increase productivity by over 50% and can reduce up to 29% of application errors. 

Semco® Fillet nozzles consistently apply sealant fillets over lap joints. These nozzles reduce the need for tooling the sealant with spatulas, thereby increasing productivity.

The model 425, 426, 427, and 428 nozzles have a built-in step to guide the nozzle along the lap joint. This produces a smooth, uniform fillet. The model 429 nozzle has no step, offering versatility when used at odd angles and in confined spaces.

These disposable nozzles are precision molded and have a 1/4" NPT male thread to fit Semco® 1, 2.5, 6, 8, 12, 20, 32 oz. and 1/10 gallon disposable cartridges. When these nozzles are used in conjunction with a Semco® 250-A sealant gun, a smooth, uniform fillet can be applied each time.

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Description Part Number   Buy Online
232499 - 425 Nozzle 232499
232500 - 426 Nozzle 232500
232501 - 427 Nozzle 232501
232502 - 428 Nozzle 232502
232590 - 429 Nozzle 232590