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Cartridges and Accessories

Semco® End Caps

Flange caps are designed to seal the large open end of a cartridge or syringe, ensuring the plunger or piston (respectively) is contained and that contaminants do not come in contact with material during storage and shipment. Hybrid flange caps for syringes specifically, have a special tamper evident feature. In order to remove the cap, the user must detach the safety seal, which is then used as a pull ring to remove the cap, clearly identifying if the product has been opened.


Description Part Number   Buy Online
220238 - F-Cap Red 220238
230502 - Flange Cap 1/12 gallon 230502
230586 - F-Cap 20/32 Oz Std Red 230586
232452 - F-Cap 1 oz. Non-Perferated 232452
360503 - 5cc Flange cap 360503
361003 - 10cc Flange cap 361003
363003 - 30cc/55cc Flange cap 363003