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Semco® Model 1188 Semkit® Package Mixer

The Semco® Model 1188 Semkit® Package mixer provides automatic mixing of filled Semkit® Packages.  Use of the mixer will minimize operator set up of the machine for different kit configurations, reduce worker fatigue, and assures the user a more thorough and consistent mix, kit to kit.

 Technical Data Sheet


  • Single switch adjustment to mix common aerospace Semkit® package configurations including:
    • 2.5oz with 6” dasher rod
    • 2.5oz with 8” dasher rod
    • 6oz with 6” dasher rod
    • 6oz with 8” dasher rod
    • 8oz with 8” dasher rod
  • ATEX Class II Certified
  • Salt Fog Resistant
  • Guarding door to ensure operator safety during mixing
  • Stroke counter for improved consistency and quality
  • Fully pneumatic non-electrical operation
  • Heavy duty motor and non-slip grip in cartridge holder to manage high viscosity chemicals

Description Part Number   Buy Online
Semco® Model 1188 Heavy Duty Mixer 235181