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Semco® Model 285-A Semkit® Package Mixer

The Semco® model 285-A Semkit® package mixer provides semi-automatic mixing of filled Semkit® packages. Use of the mixer reduces worker fatigue and assures a more consistent, uniform mix. The drive spindle rotates the mixing rod while the operator strokes the cartridge vertically. This permits the rotating dasher to thoroughly mix the materials. The bell timer alerts the operator when the mix cycle is completed.

Watch Video - Barrier Style mixing with 285 (if you have difficulty, view it here)


  • Semi-Automatic mixing of Semkit® packages.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Provides consistent, uniform mixing.
  • Reduces time and effort for thorough mixing.
  • Portable.
  • Bell timer signals completion of mix.
  • Operates on 115 VAC.
  • Shipping weight 14 lbs.

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229340 - 285-A mixer 229340