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Ergonomic Sealant Removal Tools

Ergonomic Semco® sealant removal tools are intended to remove aerospace sealants and adhesives from aircraft.  Semco® sealant removal tools come in 11 different shapes and are made from two different types of materials:  Celcon and glass-filled nylon.  These two materials offer end-users an option of using softer materials for substrates that are sensitive to damage and more durable materials for chemicals that are difficult to remove.
Sealant and adhesive removal from aircraft is difficult and can fatigue operators.  The new ergonomic Semco® sealant removal tools have a unique handle-design that is intended to reduce operator fatigue and improve removal efficiency.
In a recent study, Semco® ergonomic sealant removal tools were shown to increase operator productivity by 33% over legacy sealant removal tools in the aerospace industry.
Semco® sealant removal tools are compliant with the majority of the aerospace industries’ process specifications.  In particular, four of our Celcon sealant removal tools (235072, 235073, 235074, and 235075) are compliant with the BAC 5000.  For more information, please contact your local Application Support Center. 


Description Part Number   Buy Online
235072 Sealant Removal Tool (SRT-Celcon-1) 235072
235073 Sealant Removal Tool (SRT-Celcon-2) 235073
235074 Sealant Removal Tool (SRT-Celcon-3) 235074
235075 Sealant Removal Tool (SRT-Celcon-4) 235075
235076 Sealant Removal Tool (SRT-Celcon-5) 235076
235077 Sealant Removal Tool (SRT-GF Nylon-1) 235077
235078 Sealant Removal Tool (SRT-GF Nylon-2) 235078
235079 Sealant Removal Tool (SRT-GF Nylon-3) 235079
235080 Sealant Removal Tool (SRT-GF Nylon-4) 235080
235081 Sealant Removal Tool (SRT-GF Nylon-5) 235081
235084 Sealant Removal Tool (SRT-GF Nylon-8) 235084