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Semco® Pasa-Jell 107 and 107M

Semco® Pasa-Jell 107 and 107-M are blends of mineral acids, activators, and inhibitors. Semco® Pasa-Jell 107 is inorganically thickened to permit application in localized areas. Semco® Pasa-Jell 107-M does not contain the inorganic thickener permitting immersion of large surfaces. Semco® Pasa-Jell 107 is designed to provide a balanced ratio of components which will maintain the effectiveness of the etch rate and inhibit embrittlement as long as the total acid content is maintained above 20%.

Improvement of bond strength is based on surface activation which provides a receptive surface for adhesion.

Semco® Pasa-Jell 107 and Semco® Pasa-Jell 107-M chemically clean and activate the titanium alloy surface to provide improved chemical bonding of the adhesive. Semco® Pasa-Jell 107 and Semco® Pasa-Jell 107-M leave a clean surface with no trace of residual smut.

Semco® Pasa-Jell 107 and Semco® Pasa-Jell 107-M are formulated specifically for titanium alloys.

The etch life of Semco® Pasa-Jell 107-M is approximately 500 to 1,000 square feet of surface per gallon.