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Semco® Standard Spatulas

Sealant Spatulas and Spreaders are manufactured in special reinforced plastic for precise tooling of sealants and adhesives and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Applications: Semco® sealant spatulas and spreaders are commonly used by aircraft manufacturers and maintenance operators to apply sealants and adhesives to aircraft.  Specifically, these tools are helpful in finishing fillet seals.


Semco® packaging has formulated these tools from a proprietary resin that offers operators a tool that is flexible for hard to reach applications, but rigid enough to ensure uniformity in the seal.  Semco® Sealants spatulas are also available in a glow-in-the-dark version to aid operators in finding tools that are dropped in dark areas like a fuel tank. 


Description Part Number   Buy Online
226241 - Spatula #1 226241
226242 - Spatula #2 226242
226243 - Spatula #3 226243
226244 - 3 piece spatula kit 226244
229394 - Blue spreader 229394
229395 - Black comb spreader 229395
231349 - 10" Black Spatula 231349