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Surface Solutions


AC-182 Metal Conditioner & Rust Remover (Wipe-Off)
Eldorado AC-182 is designed for use to prepare steel and aluminum surfaces for painting.

DesoGel EAP-9
DesoGel EAP-9 Chromate Free Conversion Coating & Adhesive Promoter

Doradokote 4 Chromate Conversion Coating for Aluminum
Eldorado Dorado Kote #4 is a ready-to-use liquid that produces a thin, golden colored, chromate conversion coating when applied to prepared aluminum surfaces.

Eldorado AC-12 Corrosion Remover
Eldorado AC-12 is a liquid, viscous acid clearner for use on aluminum aircraft surfaces.

Eldorado AC-181 Metal Conditioner & Rust Remover (Wash Off)
Eldorado AC-181 is suitable for use as rust remover for steels and as a metal conditioner for steels and aluminum.

Eldorado AC-5 Corrosion Remover
Eldorado AC-5 is a liquid, viscous, acid cleaner and corrosive removed, for use on aluminum and stainless steel surfaces.

Eldorado Mag Kote 19 Chromate Conversion Coating for Magnesium
Base for paint adhesion and corrosion protection

RECC TM 1015 Chrome-Free Deoxidizer
Chrome-free metal surface pretreatment that deoxidizes aluminum alloy surfaces

RECC™ 3021 Chrome-Free Conversion Coating
Patented, chrome-free, conversion coating for aluminum alloy surfaces

Sur-Prep™ AP-1 Adhesion Promoter
An adhesion promoter that can be used in place of scuff sanding between coats of polyurethane topcoats