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Aerospace Aerospace Application Support Centers - around the world to support you
  PPG's aerospace application support center in Singapore serves customers throughout Southeast Asia. ASC_Singapore.png
  Aerospace commercial overview (1:23)
  Learn about the breadth of products PPG makes for the Aerospace business (4:49)
  Environmentally sustainable products -  better for you and the planet
  Lightweight products help reduce fuel costs
PPG ARE Additive Manufacturing Technology Agile additive technology that expands beyond current manufacturing technologies PPGARE_TN.png
Chemical Management Services PPG offers complete chemical management services for the aerospace industry
Coatings PPG Temporary & Protective Coatings protect grounded aircraft
  Alaska's "More To Love" livery painted with 42 custom colors from PPG
  Cuming Microwave Anechoic Chambers
  PPG Aerocron™ Electrocoat Primer System Benefits Air Tractor
  Desoprime TM 7530 Chrome Free Wash Primer
  Cuming Microwave
  Aerospace Color by PPG
  Aerocron™  Electrocoat Primer Overview
  Aerocron™  Electrocoat Primer Training
  Desothane® HD Basecoat/Clearcoat
  PPG DesoGel EAP-9 & 12 - Video being updated
Sealants Pre-Mixed Frozen (PMF) Sealant
  Hump Seal Repair Kit
  PRC® Seal Caps
  MRO Sealant Removal competition
Transparencies Solaron Blue Protection™ UV+ blocking technology
  Windshield Hump Seal Inspection - Disbond
  Windshield Hump Seal Inspection - Erosion
  787 #1 Windshield Inspection - Bubbling
  787 #1 Windshield Inspection - Delamination
  Learn about PPG's aerospace transparencies
  Opticor™  Advanced Transparency Material
  A320 Repair program for sliding side and aft windows
  A320 Repair program for sliding side and aft window - Korean
  A320 Repair program for sliding side and aft window - Japanese
  A320 Repair program for sliding side and aft window - Chinese
  PPG Aerospace Clarity™ Transparency Cleaning System
  Hump Seal Repair
  Surface Seal Coating System
Packaging 1250 Battery powered dispensing gun is now available
  Buy some Semco® products online now. PPG Aerospace webstore now open
  Semco® Packaging and Application Systems overview
  Chemical Packaging Services
  Semco® 1088 Semkit® Package Mixer

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  Specialty Application Nozzles for Sealants and Adhesives Case Study
  Semco® Dispensing Guns
  Semco® Fillet Nozzles
  Semco® Standard Nozzles
  Mix a Semkit® on the Semco® 388 Mixer

Barrier Style

Injection Style
  Mix a Semkit® on the Semco® 285 Mixer

Barrier Style

Injection Style

  Mix a Semkit® by Hand

Barrier Style

Injection Style