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Lookup Products, Technical Data (TDS) and Material Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Each product page has a link to the associated Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Coatings Specifications have been listed and Sealants will soon follow.

You can perform searches multiple ways: by Product Type / Keyword or Specification

Search by Product Type:

All Products have been categorized by Product Type (e.g. Corrosion Inhibitive Sealants, Commercial Topcoats, Military Aviation, Removal Tools).

You can select any of the pre-defined categories and Search will bring a display of results.
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For Example – by selecting Military Primers, a list of Coatings primers for Military use is shown

Search by Keywords:
All products have pages and each word found on the page is searchable allowing for a variety of different ways you can obtain products. 
This allows you to search by:
  • Product Numbers or Program Names - you can search with whatever part of the product number you know and the variations will be found (i.e. PS870, 870, P/S, 737)

  • Product Names  - you can search by product brand names such as Desoclean, Aercron, Opticor
  • Keywords – any word used on a descriptive page of a product is available which allows for a broad search on keywords across platforms such as primer, basecoat, fueltank, cockpit.  Note: to do words with spaces, just put them in quotes such as “chrome free”
  • Descriptions – any word that describes the product such as epoxy, aluminum, gloss
  • Characteristics – “water resistant”, rapid, “electrically conductive”
Search by Specification:

Search is also available by specification number. Products that are qualified for that specification will be shown.