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PPG Offers Single-Source Service for Aircraft Framed Window Assembly Overhaul and Repair

PPG Aerospace - Transparencies is recognized around the world as a longtime manufacturer of original-equipment and aftermarket aircraft transparencies. With its continued customer commitment, PPG has expanded capabilities to include component overhaul and repair services for framed window assemblies. 

Framed window assemblies are overhauled or repaired at PPG's FAA-approved state-of-the-art facility located in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. All work is performed by experienced FAA-licensed airframe and power plant technicians under PPG's long-standing FAR 145 Repair Station Certificate - IL4R262M. 

Because all of the work is performed in-house by PPG, turn times are a fast seven to 15 days for repairs and 20 - 30 days for overhauls.

An additional resource for planned repairs is now available at our facility in Suzhou, China.

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