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  2010 2019
  • Selected by Lockheed Martin for the 3rd Generation Wingtip Lens for the F-35 aircraft
  • Selected by Sikorsky to supply cabin windows for the new VH-92 Presidential Helicopter


  • PPG acquires Cuming Microwave, provider of specialty coatings and materials that absorb microwaves and radio waves such as radar
  • PPG expands its line of SEMCO® sealant removal tools with ergonomically-designed scrapers
  • PPG submits offer to acquire a majority interest in the aerospace and automotive sealants businesses of Le Joint Français (LJF)
  • PPG installs first commercial system in U.S. for application of its aerospace electrocoat (e-coat) primer to aircraft parts at the U.S. Coast Guard
  • New solar-heat-management coating system introduced that keeps aircraft passenger cabins cooler
  • Alteos® II Interactive Window System introduced by PPG and Gentex, lighter weight and darker
  • Selected as Boeing’s transparency supplier for the T-X (T-7A) Program
  • Selected by Sikorsky to supply VH-3 Presidential Helicopter transparencies


  • PPG qualifies Aerocron™  electrocoat primer to AMS 3144
  • PPG qualifies new chromate-free wash primer coatings systems to AMS 3095 
  • PPG develops eco-friendly PRC® PR-2870 Class B sealant as a replacement option for PRO-SEAL™ 870 sealant
  • PPG Huntsville, Alabama production plant celebrates its 45th anniversary pigment
  • Developed Texeron, an innovative transparent material now part of the PPG OPTICOR family, offering weight and environmental resistance advantages over stretched acrylic
  • Developed innovative coating technologies such as Highly-Resistive Unions (HRUs) to enable conductive coatings for lightning strike protection


  • PPG completes acquisition of Deft Coatings
  • PPG qualifies PRC® FIP Strip form-in-place sealant tape to AMS 3379
  • PPG Aerospace expands operations in Japan with relocation of the ASC to Miyoshi
  • Qualified AH-1Z Transparencies to Kaman and Bell
  • Selected as the windshield supplier for Bell Model 525 large helicopter


  • PPG commercializes Opticor™ Advanced Transparency Material on Gulfstream 650
  • PPG develops Clarity™ Transparency Cleaning System
  • PPG introduces Aerocron™ Ecoat, the first electrocoat primer for the aerospace industry
  • PPG introduces Desothane® topcoats with Andaro® special effect pigment


  • PPG develops look-through HUD capable commercial windshield - 787
  • First chrome free primer is instituted at The Boeing Company Narrow Body line in Renton


  • PPG introduces Alteos® Interactive Window Systems on King Air 350I
  • Alteos® Interactive Window Systems introduced on The Boeing Company 787
  • Ballistic transport aircraft windshields are developed for the Airbus A400M


  • PPG Aerospace opens transparent armor factory in Sylmar, California
  • PPG paints first aircraft with Desothane® HD basecoat clearcoat


  • PPG Aerospace opens window framing facility in Suzhou, China
  • The Boeing Company selects Customized Sealants Solutions PRC® Seal Caps for the 787 program
  • Deft* wins 3rd IR-100 Award for development of chrome free primers
  • Supplied passenger railcar interior panels using a proprietary process to chemically cross-link decorative skins to composite substrates


  • PPG Aerospace qualified selectively strippable paint system for the The Boeing Company 787 aircraft
  • Airbus approves Semfoam® Kits for use on the A320 family
  • Qualified as 2nd source for the F-15 Advanced Bird-Strike Windshield to the USAF


  • PPG Aerospace introduces first electrochromatic aircraft window and increases transparent armor capabilities with Sierracin acquisition
  • PPG Aerospace opens window framing facility in Huntsville, Alabama


  • PPG Aerospace qualifies first selectively strippable paint system at Airbus
  • PPG develops electrically heated, acrylic-polycarbonate tilt-rotor windshield for the Boeing Bell V-22
  • Qualified as 2nd source for the RF shielded EA-6B canopies to the USG
  • Supplied transparent armor gun shields for military ground vehicles


  • PPG Aerospace enters Boeing Aftermarket for transparencies and launches Customized Sealant Solutions with the first use of PRC® Seal Caps by ASC - Canada


  • PPG Aerospace qualified CA8800 buffable exterior paint system in the General Aviation Industry


  • PRC-DeSoto International* introduces PR-2050, the first flexible aerodynamic smoothing compound 
  • Qualified as 2nd source for the F-117 aircraft transparencies


  • Qualified all plastic RF shielded B-1B Windshield and Escape Hatches


  • Deft* wins 2nd IR-100 award for the development of "ELT" - Extended Life Topcoat technology
  • Qualified as 2nd Source on F-15 Canopies to the USAF


  • PPG develops electrically heated, acrylic-polycarbonate rotocraft windshield, Sikorsky S-92


  • PPG introduces SolGard® acrylic hard coatings
  • Launch of Desothane® HS topcoat globally


  • Qualified AH-1W transparencies to Bell Helicopter
  • Developed and supplied pilot protection panels for the B-2 stealth bomber


  • Developed and qualified F-16 canopy transparency capable of withstanding a 550-knot birdstrike


  • Courtaulds Aerospace* introduces first light weight fuel tank sealant
  • PPG introduces night-vision compatible transport aircraft windshields - C130J
  • Qualified the F-5F Windshield to the USAF


  • PPG introduces Surface Seal® hydrophobic coatings for windows
  • PPG introduces hoop-loaded glass window - CRJ
  • Developed thin-film metallic coatings for aircraft transparencies using robot-equipped vacuum chambers
  • Qualified the T-38 Windshield to the USAF for use on the USAF fleet and FMS F-5B
  • Injection molded tight-tolerance products with engineered thermoplastic composite resins to various military applications such as night vision goggles and missile sabots
  • Qualified as 2nd source for the F-14 transparencies to Grumman and the USN


  • Qualified the A/T-37 Windshield spares kit


  • ICI* Aerospace launches Selectively Strippable System


  • PRC* introduces first sprayable fuel tank sealant
  • Sierracin* introduces 650 knot 4 lb. bird-resistant wraparound fighter windshield


  • Developed and deployed a a 3-piece windshield to 1-piece windshield conversion kit for the USAF F-4 aircraft. This 500 knot bird-strike design was the basis for future PPG designs for the T-38, F-15 and F-18 aircraft


  • PRC* introduces first fuel resistant, electrically conductive sealant
  • Original supplier of transparent armor for the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), commonly known as the Humvee military ground vehicle
  • Qualified for the A-10 “Warthog” bird impact resistant quarterpanel windshields
  • Qualified the RF shielding windows for the E-2 aircraft to Grumman and the USN


  • PRC* introduces Permapol® P-3 and first P-3 sealant
  • Designed and built a stretching machine and qualified Tex-Stretch® stretched acrylic to MIL-PRF-25690


  • Sierracin* introduces first commercial polycarbonate windshield certified FAA Part 25 for the military
  • Sierracin* introduces application of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) on plastic substrate
  • Sierracin* introduces commercial glass faced polycarbonate windshield - Embraer 120
  • PPG introduces Nesatron® ITO electrically heated windows


  • PPG introduces Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) heated cockpit windshields
  • Developed the capability to coat aircraft transparencies by vapor deposition of metallic thin films such as gold in a vacuum chamber


  • PPG debuts PPG 483 interlayer material for windows
  • Sierracin* introduces first and only all-plastic, electrically de-iced windshield for the military


  • Sierracin* introduces composite windshield panel for the military
  • Deft* receives first IR-100 award for industrial waterborne coating


  • Sierracin* introduces first production low observable aircraft transparencies for the military


  • Sierracin* introduces first composite bomber windshield for the military
  • Sierracin* introduces first laminated bubble canopy for the military
  • Sierracin* introduces glass-faced polycarbonate Windshield - B-1B
  • Sierracin* introduces laminated polycarbonate-acrylic canopy, F-16


  • Earned F-16 Transparency qualification


  • PPG debuts PPG112 interlayer material for aircraft windows


  • PPG debuts lightweight hoop-loaded window design


  • Sierracin* introduces first single-piece, bird-resistant bubble canopy for the military


  • DeSoto Paint* develops Desothane® HS topcoat, first urethane topcoat to commercial and military aviation specifications
  • PRC* introduces first high temperature polysulfide sealant


  • PPG introduces Nesatron® heat film coating on windows


  • PRC* introduces first corrosion inhibitive sealants
  • Hoop-loaded glass-faced acrylic windshield - L-1011


  • Sierracin* introduces first curved glass-plastic composite windshield


  • Sierracin* introduces first radar reflective plastic transparency for the military
  • PPG introduces first glass-plastic composite windshields for the military


  • Sierracin* introduces first all-plastic heated side windows for the military


  • Developed and supplied specially coated astronaut helmet visors for the US Gemini and Apollo space program starting with Gemini 4


  • Aircraft transparencies were targeted and the company, Texstar Plastics, began producing helicopter windshields for U.S. Army/R&D


  • DeSoto Paint* develops Super Koropon® primer, the first Skydrol®- resistant primer for the aerospace industry
  • PPG introduces Aircon® low volt heated windows


  • Air Accessories was purchased by the Texstar Corporation


  • Sierracin* invents first composite aircraft windshield
  • Sierracin* invents first electrically-defogged composite laminate for the military
  • Sierracin* invents Sierracote gold heater film introduced on F106
  • Sierracin* invents acrylic heated side windows introduced
  • Air Accessories was recognized as the largest producer of boat windshields with over 14,000 manufactured that year


  • Pro-Seal* introduces first manganese dioxide cured polysulfide sealants


  • PRC* introduces first jet fuel-resistant sealant
  • Entered into the manufacture of Plexiglass (acrylic) boat windshields and simultaneously developed a process for vacuum forming plastic


  • First acrylic laminate pressurized - Lockheed Constellation


  • The Company began to sell and distribute plastic sheet, rod and tubes


  • Entered into an agreement with the USG to handle, store and treat grain. Exited in 1952


  • Exited war surplus and became a distributor for Chrysler AirTemp


  • PPG introduces defogging and de-icing coatings on windows
  • PPG introduces NESA® SnO electrically heated windows
  • W. I. Spitler founded Air Accessories, Inc., to buy and sell surplus war aircraft supplies


  • PPG is first to use tempered glass in aircraft windows


  • PPG introduces first laminated aircraft glass


  • PPG delivers the first aircraft window for Ford Tri-Motor

*now PPG Aerospace