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PPG's Aerospace Business


Leadership in Innovation, Sustainability, Enhanced Productivity

At PPG, we partner with our customers to develop innovative technologies that solve their biggest challenges. We deliver sustainable aircraft transparencies, sealants, adhesives, coatings, engineered materials, additive manufacturing, chemical management and packaging & application systems that preserve and protect the environment. In addition, our aerospace products and services increase manufacturing speed to reduce cycle times.



PPG Solaron Blue Protection™ with UV+ blocking technology Uninterrupted and built-in protection that blocks over 99% of UVA and UVB radiation and over 50% of high energy visible blue light without compromising the optical or safety qualities of the window.
PPG Coating System for Composite Aircraft Maintenance PPG produces and delivers a full-qualified coating system that protects and beautify composite aircrafts. New Airbus CML compliant system. Using PPG primers, sanding surfacer and topcoat together offers outstanding product compatibility.
SEMCO™ Sealant Removal, Mixing and Application Kit For portability and mobility, an easy carry-on tool kit for removal and application of sealants, adhesives and potting compound at any remote site.


PPG Desothane® HD/CA 9008 basecoat clearcoat system Offers improved durability, faster processing times and weight savings for reduced energy and fuel consumption
PPG Aerocron® electrocoat primer Offers faster processing times, reduced cost compared to existing spray applied primers, and weight savings for reduced energy and fuel consumption
PPG Desoprime™ 7530 Chrome Free Wash PrimerPPG Desoprime™ 7065 Chrome Free High Solid Primer System Designed to replace chromated system P99 & PAC33, system qualified to AMS3095A for maintenance, enhanced yield and product transfer due to electrostatic application

Enhanced Productivity

PRC® Seal Caps PRC® Seal Caps are cured to form a flexible rubber shell, filled with additional sealant and used for dome-sealing of fasteners. PRC® Seal Caps are delivered as pre-cured, pre-formed sealant in a specified size and shape customized to your application. ENP.png

New Products & Services

PPG Livery Lab - One stop solution for special liveries, livery design & livery rebranding Livery lab is a new PPG service with the goal of working closer with customers on their livery design projects. liverlablogo-(1).png


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