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Transparent Armor and Specialty Products

PPG Transparent Armor and Specialty Products

Securitect® Transparent Armor and PPG Specialty Transparencies are designed and tested to provide protection against a multitude of impact, ballistic and blast threats.  This segment of PPG Aerospace leverages technologies and products found in the aerospace industry for use in vehicles, ships, rail and building products.

PPG works closely with customers to develop solutions to ever-evolving threats. International military agencies, vehicle OEMs, aftermarket suppliers, integrators, engineering firms and operators are all partners in implementing cross sections and configurations into active use.

  • Unique and robust capabilities to meet a variety of ballistic transparent armor needs
  • Engineered designs for blast resistant glazing and catcher systems
  • Certified multi-hit ballistic solutions to a wide range of international specifications such as:
    • U.S. Army All Temperature Purchase Description (ATPD) 2352
    • U.S. National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 0108.01
    • NATO AEP-55, Vol. 1 STANAG 4569
    • European Union EuroNorm1063
    • Germany VPAM L6
  • Impact resistant glazing solutions for a wide range of objects, fragments, and velocities
  • Finite-element analysis available in-house
  • Superior optics - High luminous transmissions, no heating system interference
  • Eliminate distortion - heating without wiggle wire
  • Documented exceptional in-field service life performance
  • PPG Aerospace, Specialty Transparencies is basic in most of its materials including use of in-house manufactured aliphatic urethane adhesive interlayer provides a performance advantage
  • Vertical integration of PPG Aerospace glass technologies, coatings, and sealants
  • Night vision goggle compatible designs throughout product line
  • Advance de-ice, non-ice, de-fog technologies features
  • Incorporation of EMI/RFI shielding for protection in electromagnetic environments
  • Reduced radar cross section technologies available and can include assembled units

Aliphatic Polyurethane Film
PPG Aerospace Transparent Armor and Specialty Products manufactures and sells high quality aliphatic polyurethane sheet materials for the lamination of dissimilar materials via an autoclave laminating process.