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Aerospace Adhesives

PPG adhesives are award-winning, state-of-the-art technology offering unparalleled performance.


Designed in close collaboration with our customers, at PPG we’re focused on developing a suite of adhesive technologies that tackle the fundamental issues of aircraft weight reduction, more efficient manufacturing cycle times and higher levels of adhesive performance spanning the entire spectrum of aircraft manufacturing, maintenance and repair operations.

Applying our decades of experience in formulating and manufacturing chemistries for coatings, sealants, gaskets and transparencies, we’ve extended our product range to include adhesive technologies.

These technologies, in paste, film, foam and liquid forms, can be utilized to optimize cost and efficiency from the aircraft design stage through production and maintenance life cycles. Our versatile and high-performance adhesives disrupt the status quo and enable you to design robust engineering solutions for safer and more efficient aircraft. PPG’s line of aerospace adhesives offers products that go beyond the traditional structural adhesives standard.

PPG Adhesives Systems

To fly, aircraft are designed to master the four forces of aerodynamics, weight, thrust, drag and lift. The fuselage is shaped to reduce drag, the wings are curved in three dimensions to provide lift to overcome the aircraft’s weight and the engines generate sufficient thrust to overcome drag while burning fuel efficiently.


As a result, the aircraft is not based on geometrically perfect shapes. There are gaps between the skeletal frame of the aircraft and the skins of the primary and secondary structures. These gaps can vary in thickness so the optimum material for filling these gaps are liquid-shim adhesives.

PPG offers a new concept in liquid-shim technology, the Shimlant-Adhesive. The term “shimlant-adhesive” was coined as a descriptor for the trio of unique properties offered by these modified epoxy adhesives. This class of products are liquid shims with the energy-absorbing elasticity based on sealants with the mechanical strength of structural adhesives.

Liquid-Shim Adhesive

  • Epoxy-based, gap-filler product
  • Primary joint-system mechanism on aircraft through chemical bonding
  • Designed to fill gaps or irregularities between two adherend surfaces (i.e., metallic/composite wing skins and the adjacent ribs and stringers)
  • Critical material in composite construction given potential for CTE mismatches between dissimilar materials
  • Typically applied to one or both components prior to assembly, and then cured at room temperature or elevated temperatures
With this technology, PPG offers syntactic paste adhesives such as potting compounds, insert potting pastes and honeycomb edge filling paste, as well as molded plastic shims and paste shims.


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Structural Adhesives

PPG PR-2930™ is a Ballistic Armor Adhesive System (BAAS) designed for manufacturers of personal, vehicle and aircraft mounted ballistic armor.
Learn more here. 

Award Winning Adhesive

PPG PR-2930™ structural adhesive earned the 2020 Innovation Award from The Adhesive and Sealant Council
PR-2930 is a state-of-the-art structural adhesive technology that provides composite armor systems with unparalleled performance in the harshest operating environments. Through innovative material design,
PPG researchers were able to push performance boundaries to achieve
high flexibility without sacrificing overall adhesive strength, maximizing the material’s toughness.
Click here to learn more.

PPG’s PR-2936 Shimlant-Adhesive combines structural adhesive performance with the gap-filling capability and elasticity normally associated with aerospace sealants in a single product. Learn more here.

Epoxy Syntactic Paste Adhesives (ESPA) Products

PR-2940-Series ESPA products are two-component, modified epoxy adhesives designed for joining, filling and reinforcing honeycomb panels. They offer high mechanical strength in a lightweight format. Learn more here.

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Aerospace Adhesives

PR-2930 armor adhesive
PR-2930 is a state-of-the-art structural adhesive technology that provides composite armor systems

​PR-2936 Shimlant-Adhesive
PR-2936 Shimlant-Adhesive is a two component, bi-functional (liquid-shim and adhesive) product