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Aerospace Aerospace Application Support Centers - around the world to support you
  PPG's aerospace application support center in Singapore serves customers throughout Southeast Asia. ASC_Singapore.png
  Aerospace commercial overview (1:23)
  Learn about the breadth of products PPG makes for the Aerospace business (4:49)
  Environmentally sustainable products -  better for you and the planet
  Lightweight products help reduce fuel costs
PPG Adhesives PPG adhesives are award winning technology, offering unparalleled performance
PPG ARE Additive Manufacturing Technology Agile additive technology that expands beyond current manufacturing technologies PPGARE_TN.png
Chemical Management Services PPG offers complete chemical management services for the aerospace industry
Coatings PPG Temporary & Protective Coatings protect grounded aircraft
  Alaska's "More To Love" livery painted with 42 custom colors from PPG
  Cuming Microwave Anechoic Chambers
  PPG Aerocron™ Electrocoat Primer System Benefits Air Tractor
  Desoprime TM 7530 Chrome Free Wash Primer
  Cuming Microwave
  Aerospace Color by PPG
  Aerocron™  Electrocoat Primer Overview
  Aerocron™  Electrocoat Primer Training
  Desothane® HD Basecoat/Clearcoat
  PPG DesoGel EAP-9 & 12 - Video being updated
Sealants Pre-Mixed Frozen (PMF) Sealant
  Hump Seal Repair Kit
  PRC® Seal Caps
  MRO Sealant Removal competition
Transparencies Solaron Blue Protection™ UV+ blocking technology
  Windshield Hump Seal Inspection - Disbond
  Windshield Hump Seal Inspection - Erosion
  787 #1 Windshield Inspection - Bubbling
  787 #1 Windshield Inspection - Delamination
  Learn about PPG's aerospace transparencies
  Opticor™  Advanced Transparency Material
  A320 Repair program for sliding side and aft windows
  A320 Repair program for sliding side and aft window - Korean
  A320 Repair program for sliding side and aft window - Japanese
  A320 Repair program for sliding side and aft window - Chinese
  PPG Aerospace Clarity™ Transparency Cleaning System
  Hump Seal Repair
  Surface Seal Coating System
Packaging 1250 Battery powered dispensing gun is now available
  Buy some Semco® products online now. PPG Aerospace webstore now open
  Semco® Packaging and Application Systems overview
  Chemical Packaging Services
  Semco® 1088 Semkit® Package Mixer

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  Specialty Application Nozzles for Sealants and Adhesives Case Study
  Semco® Dispensing Guns
  Semco® Fillet Nozzles
  Semco® Standard Nozzles
  Mix a Semkit® on the Semco® 388 Mixer

Barrier Style

Injection Style
  Mix a Semkit® on the Semco® 285 Mixer

Barrier Style

Injection Style

  Mix a Semkit® by Hand

Barrier Style

Injection Style