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PNAA Advance 2024

PPG's Aerospace Business


Leadership in Innovation, Sustainability, Enhanced Productivity

At PPG, we partner with our customers to develop innovative technologies that solve their biggest challenges. We deliver sustainable aircraft transparencies, sealants, adhesives, coatings, engineered materials, additive manufacturing, chemical management and packaging & application systems that preserve and protect the environment.


Basecoat/Clearcoat systems
Offers improved durability, faster processing times and weight savings for reduced energy and fuel consumption
Aerocron™ Electrocoat Primer Reduced cost compared to existing spray applied primers, and weight savings for reduced energy and fuel consumption
DesoGel® EAP-9 EAP-9 chrome free provides improved environmental, health and safety impact




PR-188 Universal Sealant Adhesion Promoter Zero VOC's as currently defined by U.S. environmental regulations
PR-1775 Class B Corrosion Inhibitive Sealant Non-chromated corrosion inhibitors

Packaging and Chemical Management Services

Semco® Packaging & Application Systems Injection-molds plastic industrial cartridges and syringes for the storage and transfer of chemicals, less waste with right size packaging
SEMCO™ sealant removal, mixing and application kit A convenient carry-on tool kit for removal and application of sealants and adhesives
Chemical Management Services Provide turnkey outsourcing programs for chemical and fluid inventory management