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Semco® Packaging

Semco® Packaging & Application Systems

Semco® manufactures packaging materials intended to:

  • Store

  • Mix

  • Dispense

  • Apply

  • Remove

These specialty chemicals are used in manufacturing and repair environments for many industries. 

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Semco® Packaging & Application Systems injection-molds plastic industrial cartridges and syringes for the storage and transfer of chemicals.  These systems can in most instances be tailored for single or plural component chemicals with varying mix ratios.  For example, circa 1950, Semco® Packaging & Application Systems invented the Semkit® package which is designed for multi-component chemicals that are reactive in nature. 

Electronic Specialty Products
Semco® Adapters
Semco® Flange Caps


Semco®  Packaging & Application Systems designs and manufactures equipment specifically intended to mix chemicals packaged in Semkit® packages.

Semco® Model 1088 Semkit® Package Mixer
Semco® Model 1188 Semkit ® Package Mixer
Semco® Model 388 Semkit® Package Mixer
Semco® Model 285-A Semkit® Package Mixer
Semco® Model 285-B Battery Powered Semkit® Package Mixer
Semco® Sealant Removal, Mixing & Application Kit


For materials packaged in cartridges, syringes, or Semkit® packages, Semco® Packaging & Application Systems offers many options for dispensing.  For cartridges, end-users can select from the traditional pneumatic and manual dispensing guns which have been the industry standard for several decades (Semco® 250 and Semco® 850, respectively).  Semco®  Packaging & Application Systems also offers a newer generation of pneumatic and manual dispensing guns that enable end-users more control and improved ergonomics while dispensing their specialty chemicals (Semco® 350 and Semco® 950, respectively.  Semco®  Packaging & Application Systems has additional equipment designed to dispense chemicals from alternative cartridge sizes as well as syringes.  

Dispensing Guns - 100-A, 120250-A, 250-B850, 1250
Hose Assemblies
Mixer 195
Pneumatic Adapter Assemblies
Repair Kits
Semco® Semmatic Series - 2200
Semco® Syringe Dispensing Components


One of the most critical aspects in the usage of specialty chemicals is the application process.  Semco®  Packaging & Application Systems has a broad portfolio of application nozzles and needles for standard and specialty applications.  If your application requires manual ‘tooling’, we have a series of application spatulas and spreaders available.

Glow-in-the-Dark Tools
Needles - Sem-Luer / Sem-Flex
Nozzles - Fillet, Sembend, Standard
Semco® Sealant Smoothing Tools


Most adhesives and sealants are intended to bond to substrates.  Sometimes it is necessary to remove these chemicals either in an OEM or maintenance environment for which, Semco®  Packaging & Application Systems offers a wide product-line specifically intended to assist.  Semco®  Packaging & Application Systems has a legacy scraper that is qualified on commercial and military aerospace specifications and has been used in the industry for several decades.  Semco®  Packaging & Application Systems also now offers its next generation of removal tools which are available in a combination of ten different shapes and two different material types:  Celcon® POM and glass-filled nylon. 

Semco® Scrapers


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Storage equipment and supplies for specialty chemicals

Mixing equipment for specialty chemicals

Dispensing equipment and systems for specialty chemicals

Semco® Nozzles

Semco® application tools

Semco® removal tools