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Aerospace Sealants - Preformed

Preformed Sealants Using PPG's ARE™ Printing Technology.

Innovative 3D printed gaskets that provide an easy to apply, consistent and uniform application method.

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Preformed Sealants

This revolutionary application method improves your sealant application by:
  • Reducing installation time by up to 90%, eliminating bottlenecks in production or in-flight time. 
  • Provides for consistent form, eliminating grinding or even rework.  Hits the spec every time!
  • Increases your sustainability index by virtually eliminating all waste. 
  • Decreasing supply chain issues – gaskets printed on demand

Traditional aerospace gaskets and sealants require extensive manual labor and rework. PPG’s preformed polysulfide and polythioether gaskets were created with aerospace engineers and technicians in mind and some have a national stock number (NSN). These preformed sealants eliminate the need to smooth sealant by hand, can be shipped on demand once designed and are proven to save our customers time and money. 

Watch the video below to learn how PPG’s preformed sealants are bringing better efficiencies, better quality and sustainability to our customers. If you are interested in creating pre-formed parts for your application, contact us here

PPG’s PRC® and Pro-Seal™ sealants have laid the foundation for aerospace manufacturing, maintenance and repair for the aerospace industry. PPG’s sealants are taking that excellence to the next level through creation of this innovative process that pre-forms sealants saving customers time and money.

Features & Benefits of Preformed Sealants

  • Rapid-cure 
  • High-performance 
  • Fuel-resistant (like PR-2001 that is tested to AMS 3277)  
  • Maintain excellent elastomeric properties after prolonged exposure to organic fuels 
  • Excellent resistance to water, alcohols, petroleum/synthetic lubricating oils and petroleum-based hydraulic fluids
Sealants available to pre-form are listed below. The PPG ARE production printer is large and adaptable. If you are using another product that you would like to explore creating preformed parts for, we are happy to partner with you. Contact us here and an expert will be in touch with you.

Approved Sealants for Printing

  • PR-1425
  • PR-1429
  • PR-1440 (AMS-S-8802)
  • PR-1750 (AMS 3276)
  • PR-1829
  • P/S 890
  • P/S 870 (Mil-PRF-81733)
  • P/S 872
  • PR-2001
  • PR-2001LW (AMS 3277)

Note: We continue to approve more of our dozens of sealants every day. Please inquire if you have a specific need.

Manual Process vs. Automated Production:

PPG supplied Lockheed Martin with sets of custom-designed ramp seals for the aft loading ramp of the C-130J Super Hercules military tactical airlifter. PPG’s automated production yielded a greater than 30% customer cost savings and 10 times faster installation.

These 3D printed components are a game-changer for the C-130J Super Hercules. PPG ARE™ technology is an outstanding example of how manufacturing innovation and evolution combine to deliver affordable, customized and durable components for our operators.” - Rob McLean, VP and General Manager of Lockheed Martin’s Air Mobility & Maritime Missions.

Our Process

To have a preformed part developed for your application, there are four simple steps to be followed:

  1. Discovery Onsite visit to review the use case and laser-scan or mold the aircraft application area. PPG works with customers to identify opportunities that would benefit from pre-formed sealants. 
  2. Design Once scanned or molded, the part is created in CAD via reverse engineering or based on existing design. The part is then digitized and optimized for printing based on fit checks.
  3. Prototype The part is sent to the customer for a fit check and any other additional testing. Additional iterations are captured, and the part iterates through Step 2 and 3 until the part is approved.
  4. Production Delivery Production of the approved design is automated, and the part is printed and shipped directly to the customer. Once the design is approved, the part can be printed on demand at the customer’s convenience.


Aircraft Applications For Preformed Sealants

  • Wing seals
  • Wing pads
  • Door seals
  • Window seals
  • Fuel tank seals
  • Fuel tank gasket
  • Cockpit seals
  • Cockpit gasket
  • Gap fillets
  • Smoothing pads
  • Large scale fit-in-place gaskets
  • Dust gaskets
  • Complex seals
  • O-rings
  • Customized sealing mats
  • Flange seals

Other Applications

Complex lattice structures
(4" x 4" x 4")
vertical structure
sealant surfaces
folding areas
Printing capabilities
(0.5 mm minimum thickness)

Markets We Serve

PPG’s aerospace sealants provide corrosion-inhibiting properties to commercial, general aviation and military aircraft manufacturers, as well as maintenance, repair and overhaul shops, with faster cure to reduce application cycle time for significant savings. 

Commercial Aviation Military & Defense Aviation General Aviation

About ARE™ 

PPG ARE™ (Ambient Reactive Extrusion) additive manufacturing technology is a proprietary agile, reactive extrusion-based technology that expands the capabilities of current manufacturing technologies with a broad selection of new materials and use cases. 

To learn more about PPG’s pre-formed polysulfide and polythioether sealants, or if you are ready to get aerospace parts on demand, click here.   

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