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Commercial / Civil Aviation

Deft® Commercial Products

Technical Data Sheets for some Deft® Commercial products are being revised.

If you need one not shown below, please complete our Contact Us form with the product number and we will contact you.

01 Series Epoxy Topcoat
01 Series are chemically cured, two-component, high solids epoxy topcoats for use on aircraft and aerospace equipment.

09BR003 Polyurethane Sanding Surfacer-Brown
Polyurethane sanding surfacer-brown

09W001 Polyurethane Sanding Surfacer-White
Polyurethane sanding surfacer-white

44GN054 Water Reducible Fluid Resistant Epoxy Primer
Water reducible fluid resistant epoxy primer

44GN057 Water Reducible Epoxy Primer-Green
Water reducible epoxy primer - green

44GN060 Chromated Water Reducible Epoxy Primer-Green
Chromated water reducible epoxy primer - green

44Y022 Chromated Water Reducible Epoxy Primer-Yellow
Chromated water reducible epoxy primer - yellow

55 Series Water Reducible Polyurethane Topcoats
Water reducible polyurethane topcoats