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Commercial / Civil Aviation

Specialty Products

0986/2620 Anti-Static Type II Kit
Sandable, water resistant, good flexibility

5421/2921 Anti-Static Kit TYPE I
Water resistant, good flexibility, high conductivity

6050/9000 Adhesive Dope E4040
Single component, nitrocellulose adhesive used to impregnate wooden airframes prior to fitting of canvas.

8340/2320 Temporary Anti-Corrosion Coating
Humidity and fluid resistant

AC5 Accelerator
Drying accelerator for polyurethane systems and can be used with CV116 and CV117 polyurethane varnishes to accelerate the drying.

CA1905 Desoblend™ Universal Blending Solvent
Blending solvent for urethane topcoats and clearcoats

CA3120 Anti-fretting Epoxy Varnish
One-component anti-fretting epoxy varnish developed to have a high lubrication rate for application to mechanical parts/joints subject to stress and vibration

CA8050 Quick Dry Erosion Resisting PU Coating
Quick drying, erosion resistant, wide range of colors

CV122 (CV30) Electrical Insulating & Aerospace Wood Varnish
Air drying, water resistant, fungal resistant

Desobond™ CA100 A/B Adhesion Promoter
Eliminates sanding, adhesion promoter

Desofill™ CA8620 HS PU Sanding Surfacer
Chromate free polyurethane sanding surfacer designed to improve the appearance of aluminium, fibre glass and composites.

Desothane® CA8332 HS Non Slip Topcoat
Low VOC, anti-slip properties

Desothane® CA8335 HS Coarse Non Slip Topcoat
High solids, low VOC

Desothane® CA8342 Low VOC PU Walkway Topcoat
High solids, quick drying, chemical & water resistant

Desothane® HS CA8000/B900B Decal Edge Seal
Smooth appearance, excellent adhesion

Desothane® HS CA8001B0900C HS Clearcoat
Polyurethane clearcoat, designed for the protection of aircraft exterior surfaces

Desothane® HS CA8030 Walk Way Topcoat
Non-slip varnish from the Desothane® HS CA8000 range.

Desothane® HS CA8400/B900 Ceramic Clearcoat
Two component, polyurethane clearcoat with excellent surface properties

Desothane® HS CA8660 HS Filler & Build Coat
Two component, transparent polyurethane filler & build coat, designed for application on wood and veneer aircraft interiors

Desothane® HS Polyurethane Wing Coating CA 8900
Excellent flexibility, short dry time, low surface roughness

DeSoto® 519X303 High Temperature Epoxy Primer
Excellent fluid resistance, room temperature curing

DeSoto® 528X310 Conductive Coating
Excellent adhesion, fluid resistance, carbon filled

DeSoto® 529K002 High Temperature Epoxy Commerical Topcoat
Excellent adhesion, fluid resistance, excellent appearance

DeSoto® 825-009 High Temperature Urethane Primer
Excellent fluid temperature, corrosion resistance

DeSoto® 833K086 High Solids Integral Fuel Tank Commercial Coating
Excellent adhesion, superior durability, compatible with fuel tank sealants

DeSoto® 920X348 Polyurethane Accelerator
Reduces dry to tape time, decreases wet edge

DeSoto® CA7870 Anti-Static Coating
Excellent adhesion, anti-static coating

EC96W-T1 HS Epoxy Walkway Finish
Quick drying, coarse texture epoxy walkway finish intended for interior use on aircraft. EC96W/T1 contains a rubber texturing agent that provides a non-sparking anti-slip surface.

EC96W-T2 HS Epoxy Walkway Finish
Quick drying, medium texture epoxy walkway finish intended for interior use on aircraft. EC96W/T2 contains a hard organic texturing agent that provides a non-sparking anti-slip surface.

EC96W-T3 HS Epoxy Walkway Finish
Quick drying, fine texture epoxy walkway finish, intended for interior use on aircraft. EC96W/T3 contains an inorganic texturing agent that provides a non-sparking anti-slip surface.

ERC5 Erosion Resisting Polyurethane Coating
Erosion resistant coating, excellent resistant

F292-0004 Epoxy Clear Coating
F292-0004 is a clear two part epoxy lacquer used in specialised areas of aircraft structural interiors.

F565 Intermediate Coatings
Quick strippability, polyamide based

FE107 Winguard Topcoat
Fast drying, excellent flexibility, chemical resistant

FE50/6HV Polyuerthane Coating
Excellent flexible, brush or spray application

FP28 Slip Resistant Coating Matt
Excellent durability, oil and fluid resistant

FP34 PU Non Slip IRR Topcoat
Cold curing polyurethane coating designed to give maximum slip resistance for footwear on sloping surfaces of armoured fighting vehicles

FP65 Polyurethane Safe Deck Coating
Excellent durability, non spark texture

FR80 Epoxy Filler
Chemical resistant, sandable

FR89 Low VOC Epoxy Filler
Chemical resistant, sandable

HR36 Heat Resisting Stoving Aluminum Finish
Aluminium heat resisting coating suitable for application to prepared ferrous and light alloy surfaces. HR36 can be used on exhaust manifolds and engine stubs.

HR39/801 Heat Resistant Topcoat Matt Black
Single pack, air drying, conventional solids

KS35 CF Epoxy Knifing Stopper
Chromate free epoxy based knifing stopper for direct application to composite and pre-primed metallic substrates.

N53621 Polyurethane Walkway Coating
Two pack polyurethane topcoat designed to give maximum slip resistance in walkway and stepped areas of aircraft

N59111 Ployurethane Anti-Static Coating Type I
Two pack polyurethane coating, designed to enable the discharge of static electricity from a variety of surfaces

PR-186, Adhesion Promoter
This material is highly recommended for applications between polythioether materials.

TT43 Exterior Acrylic Fluorescent Finish
Quick drying, UV resistant