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PPG is proud to supply paint for the first Airbus A350-1000

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PPG’s Desothane® technology has demonstrated exceptional robustness in application and in service for many years

  • Our Desothane® HD basecoat/clearcoat product line provides additional value to the industry including outstanding appearance, excellent service life, weight savings, and application time savings for complex liveries
  • PPGs chrome-free primers support our customers’ needs to satisfy sustainability requirements while reducing weight, increasing productivity, and decreasing the total cost of ownership
  • Our Aerocron™ chrome-free and waterborne e-coat technology is a unique technology qualified to Aerospace industry standards that provides customers with optimized material utilization and weight savings
  • PPG’s program management processes incorporate current state-of-the-art development to support the launch of new technology
PPG Aerospace is a key global supplier of Coatings products for the Commercial segment of the Aerospace Industry.  As a supplier to all of the major producers of OEM aircraft, PPG Aerospace coatings are qualified for use on nearly every surface of the aircraft structure and exterior.  Our commitment to the demands of this industry segment is realized with the robust application and appearance properties of our Desothane® topcoat product line.  PPG Aerospace has brought technologies that have demonstrated long service life while evolving to meet the changing demands of the industry. PPG Aerospace incorporates key business processes that ensure efficiency while developing and launching new products.
PPG’s Desothane® HD basecoat/clearcoat products have been developed to support the demands of the Commercial OEM, Commercial Aftermarket, and General Aviation segments of the industry.  With the acceleration of this new technology into the industry, PPG is well positioned to provide value with robust application properties, excellent appearance, long service life, improved application time for complex liveries, while at the same time providing for weight savings opportunities.
PPG Aerospace continues to drive the industry toward chrome free solutions with our Desoprime™ CF and Deft® primer products which have been used on over 1000 aircraft since 2011.  Our water-reducible technologies have been the industry standard for over a decade.  PPG has further revolutionized the industry with the introduction of Aerocron™ electrocoat primer our chrome-free electrodeposition process for aircraft grade aluminum.  This technology was originally invented by PPG for steel applications in the automotive and industrial coatings industries where PPG is the global leader.  Aerocron™ electrocoat primer provides for improved material utilization from 30% for spray applications to over 95% for Aerocron™ electrocoat primer. It can reduce coating weight from 20% to 80%.  Finally, it greatly improves environmental waste levels as it is completely chrome-free and water-based.
PPG Aerospace is well positioned today to support current industry needs and requirements, and we are investing in the future to meet increasing demands.

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