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Commercial / Civil Aviation

Commerical Thinners

CA1800CX Commercial Thinner
Zero VOC compliant

CA1805CX VOC Compliant Thinner
Zero VOC per EPA method 24, can be used in hot weather conditions

Desoblend™ Universal Blending Solvent CA 1900
Desoblend™ Universal Blending Solvent / CA 1900 is formulated as a blending solvent for urethane topcoats.

Desothane® HS 020X457 Solvent Retarder
Increases wet edge times, solvent reducer

Desothane® HS CA 8800CTR Solvent Reducer
Use during hot weather conditions

T187 Epoxy Thinner
Compatible with epoxy topcoats

T708 General Purpose Cleaning Solvent
General purpose cleaning solvent is designed for cleaning general particulates and contaminants from bare metals or painted surfaces