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Chemical Management

Watch this video to learn more about PPG Chemical Management Services (if you have difficulty, click here)

PPG Aerospace offers Chemical Management Services, a turnkey outsourcing program for chemical and fluid management, process management and logistics - custom designed to include sourcing, purchasing, and vendor management.

  • Financial Strength & Security - PPG annual revenues: $15B
  • Global Infrastructure - PPG operates in 70 countries
  • Chemical Knowledge - PPG is a global chemical manufacturer
  • Chemical Technology - PPG maintains in-house laboratory specification testing capabilities
  • Chemical Data Reporting - PPG's Hazardous Material Management (HMM) system used for environmental compliance
  • Right-size Packaging - PPG offers in-house repackaging capabilities to provide use quantities which match purchase quantities
  • Shelf life Inventory Management - PPG has vast experience in managing shelf life sensitive products (e.g.. pre-mixed frozen)
  • MSDS Management - Accurate environmental constituency data management and document retention is provided
  • Point of Use (POU) Inventory Management - POU is system managed, auto replenished and provides serialized container management
  • Chemical Management reduces your corporate risk.

Chemical Management Services
PPG Aerospace Chemical Management Solution