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Chemical Management

Chemical Management Services

PPG Aerospace full life cycle Chemical Management System is:

  • Purchasing

    Order Chemical Products, Supplier Management, numberedwheel_newnumberaiS.pngContracts, Product Pricing, Supplier Payments
  • Logistics & Delivery

    Tier II Supply Chain Management, PPG ASC Local Warehouse Storage, Delivery to Customer Site
  • Receiving

    Receiving & Inspection, Certification Verification & Testing
  • IT Solutions

    Serialized Bar-Coding, Systems Integration, AeroTSS Support, Central IT Support
  • Warehousing

    PPG ASC Customer Staging, HazMat Compliance, Delivery Management to Customer Site
  • Distribution to Point of Use

    Point of Use Management, Delivery to and Management of all Chemical Stocking
  • Product Use Efficiencies

    Waste Reduction, Repackaging, Shelf Life Management, Site / Dept / Shop / Job / Employee Tracking and Reporting
  • Sustainable Tracking & Reporting

    AeroTSS Constituency Data Management, Complete Usage Reporting, MSDS Management , EH&S Reporting & Compliance
  • Material Planning

    Product & Location Planning, Forecasting, Safety Stock Management, Product Replacement Engineering, Chemical Catalog Management
  • Automated Reordering

    PPG IT Automatic Replenishment, On-line Ordering
Chemical Management Services Brochure

Chemical Management Services Video (alternate link)