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Aerospace Coatings, Pretreatments, Cleaners

Specialty Coatings

DeSoto® Aerospace Specialty Coatings

Specialty Coatings

  • PPG Aerospace, with its recent acquisition of Deft, has a long history of proven technologies and capabilities
  • PPG Industries is the leading developer of coatings technologies with unique products that have permitted PPG to become and sustain its industry-leading position
  • Our selectively strippable coatings systems, which were designed for composite aircraft, also provide significant time savings for repainting of traditional aluminum aircraft
  • PPG’s Solar Heat Management Coatings provide for reduced heat absorption of the aircraft skin reducing ground cooling requirements, increasing passenger comfort, and improving design limits for composite structures.

PPG Aerospace produces a wide range of Specialty Coatings to address the many needs of coatings systems within the aerospace industry.  From sanding surfacers to walkway coatings to a growing range of pretreatment products, PPG Aerospace can address nearly every coating requirement of the aviation industry. 

Aircraft are meant to fly, not sit in a hangar. The “down-time” required to repaint an aircraft is costly. PPG Aerospace Selectively Strippable System (SSS) shortens the repaint time so that an aircraft can be returned to service days earlier compared with a conventional exterior coatings system.  When using an intermediate coat between the primer and topcoat, it is necessary to strip only the topcoat and intermediate coat back to the underlying primer thus eliminating the need to apply a conversion coating and then re-prime. Down-time can be reduced by approximately 30 to 40% by utilizing this technology.

Sanding Surfacers / Fillers

Temporary & Protective Coatings
These water-based, removable products are primarily used for the temporary protection of aircraft structures, parts, and assemblies.