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Aerospace Coatings, Pretreatments, Cleaners


  • PPG Aerospace is a global leader for Aerospace military coatings
  • Our chrome-free primer solutions and our military topcoats provide additional value to our customers in terms of increased service life and application robustness
  • The addition of the Deft® portfolio provides for a greater opportunity to drive the development of new technologies required by the industry
PPG Aerospace is a global leader in the development and supply of coatings products for the military aerospace segment of the industry.  With the addition of the Deft® portfoliio in 2013, PPG has a full line of topcoats and primers needed for the industry supporting fighters, trainers, transport aircraft, and helicopters.  Our Advanced Performance Coatings have become the industry standard supporting nearly all platforms in the industry.  Our primer systems which include chrome-free products from both the PPG and Deft® portfolios continue to lead the industry by ensuring long-term integrity of airframe structures.

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