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Semco® Packaging

Semco® Sealant Removal, Mixing and Application Kit

Semco® New Portable Application Kit

The Semco® sealant removal, mixing and application kit has been designed as an easy carry-on tool kit for removal and application of sealants, adhesive and potting compound at any remote site.

The tool kit contains:
1) 1250 battery powered sealant dispensing gun
2) Spare battery for 1250 sealant dispensing gun
3) 2.5 ounce retainers (clear and black)
4) 285B mixer with battery


SealantRemovalMix_Launch1-(1).png Semco-Model-1250-Battery-Powered-1-(1).png semco-model-285.png
Semco® sealant removal, mixing and application kit Semco® Model 1250 battery powered dispensing gun Semco® 285-B battery powered mixer
Semco Battery Powered Gun 1250

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