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Farnborough Airshow 2024

PPG's Aerospace Business

Farnborough 2024

Leadership in Innovation, Sustainability, and Enhanced Productivity

At PPG, we collaborate with our customers to develop cutting-edge technologies that address their most significant challenges. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our delivery of eco-friendly aircraft coatings, adhesives, sealants, transparencies, engineered materials and packaging & application systems that preserve and protect the environment.  Additionally, our services, including design through our Livery Lab and additive manufacturing, prioritize environmental preservation. By enhancing manufacturing speed, our aerospace solutions contribute to reduced cycle times. If you’re interested in learning more about our offerings or products please connect with an expert and fill out the form below.

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To learn more about some of the PPG products and services that will be on display at the 2024 Farnborough Airshow, click the links below.  

Aerospace Coatings | Aerospace Sealants | Aerospace Adhesives |SEMCO® | Engineered Materials
Transparencies | Aerospace Services


Aerospace Coatings

PPG’s aerospace business is proud to be the global leader in the development and supply of aerospace coatings. Click the links below to learn more about our products driving efficiency, innovation and sustainability or click here to learn more about our Coating products. 

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Desoprime™ CA7503 Chrome-Free Composite Primer
Non-chromated epoxy primer designed for use on aircraft composites and other
non-metallic exterior substrates
Desoprime™ 7065 Chrome-Free Polyurethane Primer
Corrosion inhibitive, fast drying, chromate free.
Desoprime™ 7530 Chrome-Free Pre-Treatment Primer
Chrome-Free, fast drying, corrosion inhibitive
Commercial Topcoat
Desothane® HD CA9007 Basecoat
Polyurethane basecoat is designed to provide improved hide and reduced process flow time, in combination with longer pot life and increased open time for clear coating
Commercial Primer
PPG Aerocron® electrocoat primer
Offers faster processing times, reduced cost compared to existing spray applied primers, and weight savings for reduced energy and fuel consumption
Solar Heat Management
Solar Heat Management Coating
PPG Aerospace heat management coatings address three important customer concerns: energy costs, color choice and heat-protection for composite parts


Aerospace Sealants

PPG’s aerospace business continues to be a leader in the development of aerospace manufacturing, maintenance, and repair products. Click the links below to discover our latest innovations or, click here to learn more about PPG’s aerospace sealants.

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Customized Sealant Solutions
PRC® Seal Caps
Minimizes operator setup for different kit configurations, reduces worker fatigue, and assures a more thorough and consistent
Preformed Sealants
PRC® Pre-Formed Sealant Gaskets & Fillets
Custom shape and sizes, less wet sealant


Aerospace Adhesives

PPG is proud to announce our new line of Aerospace adhesives. Click the links below to learn more about our product offering. To learn more about our aerospace adhesives, click here.

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Structural Adhesive
PR-2936 Shimlant-Adhesive
Two component, bi-functional (liquid-shim and adhesive) product exhibiting outstanding mechanical strength and micro-cracking resistance across a wide operating temperature window
Structural Adhesive - Video
PR-2940 Series ESPA Adhesive
Available in a range of densities to maximize strength to weight ratio. Lightweight contributes to aircraft fuel efficiency


SEMCO® Products

PPG is proud of SEMCO®’s rich history of packaging specialty chemicals. Click the links below to explore our innovative, sustainable and productive product offerings, or click here to learn more.

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SEMCO® Packaging & Application Systems
SEMCO® sealant removal, mixing and application kit
A convenient carry-on tool kit for removal and application of sealants and adhesives
SEMCO® Packaging & Application Systems
SEMCO® Nozzle Book
Online catalog flipbook showing nozzles avaialble through our global Application Support Centers (ASC) including cartridges, syringes, and other SEMCO products available from PPG
SEMCO® Packaging & Application Systems
SEMCO® 1088 SEMKIT® package mixer
Minimizes operator setup for different kit configurations, reduces worker fatigue, and assures a more thorough and consistent mix
SEMCO® Packaging & Application Systems
SEMCO® Glow in the Dark Tools
SEMCO® Sealant Tools are manufactured from a proprietary polymer that glows in the dark after being charged by a light source


Engineered Materials

Microwave materials, anechoic chambers, expanded metal foils for lightning strike protection and more from PPG’s engineered materials. Learn more below or click here.

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MicroGrid® expanded metal foils MicroGrid® expanded metal foils for lightning strike protection


Aerospace Transparencies & Products

PPG continues to deliver innovation, technology and high-quality transparencies products that provide lighter weight and longer service life for the aerospace industry. We are proud to present our latest innovations and service offerings at the 2024 Farnborough Airshow. Click the links below to discover what’s new or click here to learn more about PPG’s transparencies products.

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Opticor™ Advanced Transparency Material  High performance, optically clear, transparent plastic for the aerospace market
PPG Solaron Blue Protection™ UV+ blocking technology for aircraft windows
PPG Tex-Whiz® Aircraft Windshield Cleaner and Polish Cleaner and polish for aircraft windshields
PPG Hydroskip® Hydrophobic Finish A hydrophobic finish for aerospace applications


Aerospace Services

Click the link below to learn more about PPG's services for the aerospace industry.

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Chemical Management Services Provide turnkey outsourcing programs for chemical and fluid inventory management and packaging as well as chemical data reporting for environmental compliance
PPG Livery Lab Livery lab is a new PPG service with the goal of working closer with customers on their livery design projects
eVTOL Battery Fire Protection Balance fire protection with battery performance


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