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Solar Heat Management Coating

Inspired by an Eggplant
PPG Aerospace introduces new Heat-Management Technology

PPG Aerospace developes a unique coating technology that keeps aircraft cooler.

The technology is based on infrared-transparent stainers that allow solar heat to pass through topcoat pigments to a white primer coat, which reflects the heat away from the aircraft. An eggplant uses much the same trick to prevent its dark skin from getting so hot that the white interior would bake before it ever reached the oven.

Similarly, the skin of an aircraft painted with the new PPG heat-management system remains as much as 25 degrees cooler, while interior cabin temperatures are reduced 5- to 7-degrees. In addition to being a big energy saver for airlines that need to run air conditioning systems to keep their passengers comfortable, the technology gives airlines much greater freedom in choosing aircraft livery colors.

With this technology, PPG Aerospace heat management coatings address three important customer concerns: energy costs, color choice and heat-protection for composite parts.


  • Reduced exterior temperature by 25 degrees
  • Reduced interior temperature by 5-to-7 degrees
  • Greater choice in livery colors for airlines
  • Energy savings for air conditioning