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Engineered Materials

Aerospace & Defense

Cuming Microwave provides a vast array of microwave absorbers and dielectric materials for the Aerospace industry. Whether it is for electronic warfare, radar cross section reduction, isolation of antennas, or suppression materials for airborne electronics Cuming Microwave has a solution. We have an extensive assortment of loaded rubber formulations to meet the most dynamic applications. Our absorber materials have exceptional physical and electrical properties to meet the rigors of the Aerospace industry and have found use on the most advanced platforms in production today.

Our urethane, silicone, and flouroelastomer formulations can be custom tuned to end user specifications. We offer loaded caulking compounds in both urethane and silicone formulations as gap fillers for our loaded elastomers. We have in-house tooling design capability and can offer custom molded shapes that are surprisingly affordable.

With airborne antenna systems shrinking in size Cuming Microwave offers a complete line of tailored dielectric and lossy materials for aircraft. Our AK line of tuned dielectric materials, syntactic foam, and magnetically loaded epoxies have all found applications in the Aerospace industry.

Custom engineered materials are available, talk to one of our application engineers today to solve your most demanding problems.

Product Applications

RF Suppression
Sheet Absorbers
Dielectric Materials
Anechoic Chambers