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Engineered Materials

Microwave Absorber Products

At PPG, we offer a full line of Cuming Microwave brand microwave absorber, radar absorber, anechoic chamber and dielectric materials. Our absorbers have been used in many demanding applications from suppression of unwanted resonances in electronic housings to radar cross section reduction on military platforms. We have a wide variety of microwave absorbers and radar absorbers suited for aircraft, shipboard, electronics or RF testing.

For nearly four decades we have been at the forefront of designing and developing high quality microwave absorber, RF and radar absorber materials for military, anechoic chamber testing and civilian projects alike. No matter what the size or technical challenges you face, we have probably lent a helping hand in supplying, designing or building a similar project in the past. As a global supplier of microwave absorber materials, we don’t shy away from special, custom requests; we encourage them and thrive as an innovator of unique products. As technology changes, so do our microwave absorber products lines.

In an industry where customer service, technical support and short lead times can be looked at as a commodity, the Cuming Microwave brand has stood the test of time based on all of these important attributes along with unmatched quality. When your project is too important to fail and needs the best materials to ensure a quality build and endurance over the long haul, turn to us, who helped pioneer the technology and continue to produce the most cutting edge RF and microwave absorber materials in the world.

Rubber Sheet Microwave Absorbers - 310 Series

Carbon-Based Foam Microwave Absorbers - 320 Series

Anechoic Chamber Materials – 390 Series

Honeycomb & High Power Microwave Absorbers

Low Loss Dielectric Stock Materials- 210 Series

Sprayable Microwave Absorbers – 340 Series

Radomes & Radar-Absorbing Structures- 350 Series

Rigid and Castable Microwave Absorbers – 330 Series

Adhesives – 230 Series

Application Notes