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Application Notes

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Option for Microwave Absorber Sheets

Several grades of C-RAM absorber materials can be supplied with a peel-and-stick pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). This adhesive can be supplied to most grades of carbon loaded foam absorbers, such as C-RAM MT, as well as to many iron or ferrite loaded silicone and urethane rubber sheet materials, such as C-RAM GDSS, FLX, FLX-U, RGD-S, and FF-2.

This adhesive has been selected because of its high tackiness and strength at a very low thickness — 0.002 inches. This low thickness keeps the absorber material in close contact with the substrate material, allowing good attenuation of surface currents. For resonant grades of absorbers, such as C-RAM FLX, for which material thickness is critical, this adhesive has a minimal effect on frequency response.

We do not recommend using PSA on very heavy grades of iron or ferrite filled rubber sheets, such as those greater than 0.125 inches (3.2 mm).

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