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Application Notes

Velcro Installation

The Velcro Pile is factory installed on the absorber bases. The Velcro hook comes in ~25yd rolls with self adhesive backing. Peel off the release plastic sheet and press the adhesive side firmly against the wall. Metal wall surfaces should be free of oil film and dirt. A wipe down with denatured alcohol on a cloth will usually remove any oil film from modular shielding panels.If installing Velcro on raw wood we recommend giving the wood a coat of urethane varnish. The water based urethane products work well and are easy to use. You only need to treat the wood where the Velcro hook is to be attached.

We do not advocate using Velcro installation on absorber larger than 24” tall although 36” tall material have been installed using Velcro (3strips / piece on the walls and 4 strips / piece on the ceiling.

Technical Data Sheet

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