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Honeycomb & High Power Microwave Absorbers

High Power Refractory Brick Microwave Absorber

C-RAM CF-2 is a broad band microwave absorbing material capable of operating in the range of -70°F to +650°F, making it ideal for many high power applications. Power handling capability of C-RAM CF-2 depends on the installation and the provisions for air circulation. Up to 10 watts/in2 can be dissipated when the back of the absorber is open to permit convective air circulation. Up to 25 watts/in2 can be dissipated when air at 100 ft/min is directed into the base of the conical cavities.

C-RAM CF-2 consists of a matrix of lightweight unicellular glass foam. The backside of the foam sheet contains a pattern of conical cavities coated with a lossy RF material. C-RAM CF-2 is inorganic and will not burn. The material is readily cut to size using a bandsaw. Complex geometries can be machined on a mill. The product may be stacked as bricks into a self-supporting wall or bonded with mortar. C-RAM CF-2 is supplied as 12” x 18” bricks either 2” or 3” thick depending on performance requirements. Front and sides of the material are black. The backside is painted with a reflective high-temperature aluminum paint.

Technical Data Sheet

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