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Pneumatic Dispensing Equipment

Pneumatic Adapter Assemblies
Designed to attach syringes quickly

Repair Kits
Repair kits contain common components required to repair damage caused by normal wear and tear.

Semco® 250-A Gun
Semco® 250-A sealant gun is a standard of the aerospace and electronics industries.

Semco® Model 100-A Gun and Mixer Kit
Fuel tank repair kit

Semco® Model 120 Mini Dispensing Gun
Semco® Model 120 Mini Dispensing Gun is designed for precise application of viscous materials including liquids, pastes, etc.

Semco® Model 250-B Gun
Handleless sealant gun

Semco® Model 350 Gun
Semco® model 350 gun dipenses exact amounts of materials at the precise location required.