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Specialty Products

PR-1448 Void Filling Compound

PR-1448 is a two part, thixotropic, polysulfide based, void filling compound, which exhibits low shrinkage, excellent low temperature flexibility, good adhesion and resistance to fuels, oils, grease and salt water. It is an effective pressure and fuel resistant compound and does not flow or extrude when subjected to 6.5 psi pressure at a temperature of 160°F. Excellent non-sag characteristics allow for vertical filling, gaps and recesses.

When the base compound is mixed thoroughly with the accelerator, the material cures at room temperature to a firm, rubbery solid. Since the cure of PR-1448 does not depend on air exposure, this product can be applied in voids, gaps, etc. and covered with subsequent coating without affecting its cure.



  • BMS 5-16 - Class D-4 - BOEING
  • STM40-106 - Class B-1/2 - LOCKHEED - GEROGIA CO.
  • STM40-106 - Class B-2 - LOCKHEED - GEROGIA CO.