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WinLogic™ Intelligent Window Systems

A new generation of aerospace transparencies which detect the health of the aircraft heating system 

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  • Prevents runaway power and excess damage after common faults are detected

  • Automatically shuts off power - preventing arcing, breakage and saving costs
  • Automatically shuts off window heating system when parts are damaged
  • Reduces operational costs and unscheduled maintenance 
  • Improves flight safety
  • Shifts cockpit windows from passive to active
  • Monitors health of cockpit windows
  • Minimizes unscheduled downtime of aircraft

Key Features

  • Stops heat system failure / arcing before it can start
  • Detects glass breakage due to Foreign Object Damage and immediately stops the current to prevent further damage
  • Compatible with existing aircraft anti-icing systems
  • No change in flight deck operation