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DesoGel EAP-9

Fight Corrosion

In the aircraft industry, corrosion is a common issue especially in high humidity areas. Often aircrafts will be exposed to high salt air conditions and need extra protection for aircraft metal surfaces.

Improved environmental, health and safety impact - Chrome Free supports environmental sustainability

  • Reduces usage of corrosive, toxic and flammable materials
  • Reduced VOC to drive adherence to local regional environmental initiatives
  • Health and safety compliant
  • Chrome free product
  • Environmentally compliant
  • Hazardous waste cost reduction
Desogel EAP-9 Chromate Free Conversion Coating & Adhesion Promoter can assist with these issues when used with Desoprime™ primers and Desothane® topcoats while also providing an effective, environmentally friendly and easy to apply alternative to traditional chromated conversion coatings.

Process Efficiency

  • Easy to apply
  • Spray-on leave on product – no need to wait for water rinse and drying

Reduced Costs

  • Reduced material usage compared with traditional conversion coatings
  • Eliminates costly rework by reducing rivet adhesion loss


  • High corrosion protection level when used with Desoprime™ corrosion-resistant primers

Aerospace qualifications

  • Qualified to BMS10-128
  • AMS 3095A qualifications

Superior Adhesion

Desogel EAP-9 dries to a thin, clear, durable coating that provides superior adhesion of the metal substrate to the organic coating. Its non-hazardous/non-regulated composition and dry in place application method eliminates two concerns of chromated solutions: exposure to hexavalent chromium and production of large volumes of contaminated rinse water. Desogel has proven to virtually eliminate rivet rash and adhesion issues when used as recommended. Desogel is the recommended adhesion promoter for use under Desothane® CA 7700 series, CA 7502, CA 7502E, CA7233, and CA7236 primers.


Watch this video to learn more about the proper preparation and application of EAP-9 and EAP-12.

If you have difficulty, you can view it here.

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