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PPG Tex-Whiz® Aircraft Windshield Cleaner

PPG TEX-WHIZ aircraft windshield cleaner and polishing compound is used across the globe, by the U.S. military and its allies, on all versions of F-16 canopies, and can also be used for plastic transparencies for other aircraft to:

  • improve hazy surfaces
  • clean bug debris
  • clean water spots
  • remove light scratches
  • restore luster
  • improve water repellency and anti-static properties, with regular use

Type 1 has a fine grit and is approved for normal, everyday use on F-16 canopies.(PN: 5602261, NSN: 7930-01-581-8537)

Type 2, with a coarse grit, is approved for use on F-16 windshields to treat more aggressive scratches or blemishes.(PN: 5602260, NSN: 7930-01-581-9933)

PPG also produces Whiz Polish, which is P-P-560b qualified for use by the Army and Navy on aircraft transparencies. (PN: 5602262, NSN: 7930-00-935-3794)