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Engineered Materials

Sheet Absorbers

Cuming Microwave manufactures a complete line of flat sheet absorbers.

LF is used as a free space absorber in most applications. LF is useful to reduce specular reflections in anechoic chambers, modify antenna patterns, or wherever a broadband absorber is needed. This material system can also be ordered weather wrapped or sprayed with a weatherproof coating. Flame retardant versions of LF are also available and meet UL94 HBF flame spread requirements.

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Broadband Carbon/Foam Flexible Radar Absorber
(320-1) C-RAM LF

Reticulated Foam Absorber Sheets
(320-3) C-RAM AR

Lossy Carbon-Loaded Flexible Foam Microwave Absorber Sheets
(320 -2) C-RAM MT

Flexible, Tuned Frequency Magnetic Microwave Absorber
C-RAM FLX (310-1)

C-RAM Millimeter Wave
Application Note 300-13

MS Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Option for Absorber Sheet
Application Note 300-17