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Semco® Packaging & Application Systems


Semco® Packaging and Application Systems manufactures or customizes over 100 different application nozzles that are compatible with Semco® cartridges or Semkit® Packages. Selecting the optimal nozzle for you application offers end-users the ability to:
  • Minimize chemical waste
  • Improve productivity
  • Achieve consistent quality
  • Reduce the total cost of application
To select the correct nozzle for your application, please contact your local Application Support Center (ASC) or find more information below:

Specialty Nozzles
Semco® Specialty Nozzles

Sembend™ Nozzles
Sembend™ Nozzles have the ability to be reshaped at room temperature without the application of heat or tools. Sembend Nozzles are available in most of our standard nozzle geometries but some limitation may apply on smaller nozzle configurations.

Semco® Fillet Nozzles
Specially designed for applying overlapping or ‘full’ fillet seals in the aerospace industry.

Semco® Glow in the Dark (GID) Nozzles
Offers end-users the ability to purchase virtually any of our standard nozzles in a glow-in-the-dark plastic

Semco® Roller Nozzles
Specifically designed for applying fay surface seals

Semco® Standard Nozzles
The original Semco® nozzles which are the most utilized across the aerospace and electronics industries and can be used across a variety of applications