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Surface Solutions


Desoclean 110 Solvent Cleaner
Desoclean™ 110 mild solvent cleaner removes contaminants without sealing a residue.

Desoclean 120 Solvent Cleaner
Desoclean 120 cleaner is used where a high degree of residual contamination may be present.

Desoclean 130 Substrate Cleaner and Degreaser
Desoclean 130 cleaner is a broad-spectrum aggressive solvent cleaner that efficiently removes a wide range of contaminants without leaving residue.

Desoclean 45 Solvent Cleaner (020X413)
Desoclean 45 cleaner is a broad spectrum solvent cleaner that removes a wide range of contaminants without leaving a residue.

Desoclean Green One-Step Aircraft Wash & Wax
One-step aircraft wash and wax

DeSoto® CN Series Cleaning Solvents
DeSoto® CN13 is a fast evaporating very mild solvent blend suitable for degreasing and cleaning of both painted and bare metal surfaces.

DeSoto® CN20 Cleaning Solvent
DeSoto® CN20 is a blend of solvents suitable for equipment cleaning and capable of handling a wide range of surface contaminants.

DeSoto® CN59 Surface Degreasing Cleaner
DeSoto® CN59 is based on a water and organic solvent blend that is suitable for the cleaning of metallic and non-metallic surfaces prior to painting.

DS-279 HAPS Free Thinner
HAPS free zero VOC thinner for polyurethane coatings

E504154 Cleaning Wipes
Kit of wipes designed for removing excess CA1000 & CA1010 Chrome-free jointing compounds

IS-248 Solvent Cleaner for Water Reducible Primers
Used for cleaning pots, lines, spray guns and equipment used in the spray application of PPG’s aerospace water reducible primers