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PPG Transparencies with Solaron Blue Protection™ UV+ blocking technology

Aircraft windows with PPG SOLARON BLUE PROTECTION™ UV+ blocking technology block 99% of UVA and UVB rays and more than 40% of high-energy visible blue light.

That means less exposure to harmful solar radiation when flying behind PPG windows made with Solaron Blue Protection UV+ blocking technology.

They don’t look different. But they can help make a difference in protecting what matters most.
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Key Features:
  • Over 99% UVA and UVB blockage and over 40% HEV blue light blockage
  • Helps protect people and aircraft interiors from harmful solar radiation without impact to optical or structural quality of the window
  • Durable and static protection built into the window
  • No change to fit, form or function compared to standard PPG design
  • No impact to reliability or serviceability compared to standard PPG transparency design
Click the link to learn more about: PPG SOLARON BLUE PROTECTION™ UV+ blocking technology. An aircraft flight-deck window with PPG SOLARON BLUE PROTECTION™ UV+ blocking technology is shown with the developers and marketing lead of the breakthrough solution that helps protect aircrews, passengers and aircraft interiors from solar radiation. They are (from left) Fatima Emami, PPG research and development materials engineer, aerospace; Christina Baker, PPG global materials technology manager, aerospace; and Barbara Flocchini, PPG segment manager, commercial original-equipment transparencies, aerospace.