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Keywords: CT 2400
PR-1547 Potting and Molding Compound
PR-1547 is a high potting and molding compound.
Bombardier CRJ100/200/700/900/1000
Cockpit and passenger cabin windows landing light lenses
Bombardier * Challenger * 600 * Series
PPG Aerospace - Transparencies is a leading and experienced manufacturer of replacement windshields and side cockpit windows for Bombardier Challenger 600 Series airplanes.
Desoclean 120 Solvent Cleaner
Desoclean 120 cleaner is used where a high degree of residual contamination may be present.
DesoGel® EAP-9
DesoGel EAP-9 Chromate Free Conversion Coating & Adhesion Promoter
DeSoto® 020X456 Military Thinners
Used with military polyurethane topcoats
4080 Nitrocellulose Non Slip Topcoat
Quick drying, slip resistance finish, ester lubricant resistance
Pneumatic Adapter Assemblies
Designed to attach syringes quickly
Desothane® HS 020X457 Solvent Retarder
Increases wet edge times, solvent reducer