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Customized Sealant Solutions (CSS)

Semfoam™ Sealant

Semfoam™ sealant is an engineered sealant solution for aircraft design issues. Semfoam™ sealant is an open-cell, inert polyurethane foam which has been precisely cut to a pre-agreed shape, then accurately loaded with the appropriate aerospace sealant and snap frozen. Semfoam™ sealant is normally supplied as a kit made up of several pieces that will, when assembled together, fill a particular cavity on the aircraft.

Some of the benefits offered by Semfoam™ sealant are:
  • Increases the speed of the sealing operation by eliminating the need to build up sealant in layers for large apertures
  • There is no sealant waste and the packaging can be returned to PPG Aerospace, cleaned and re-used repeatedly
  • Semfoam™ sealant assumes the precise shape of the of the aperture to ensure that all potential gaps are filled, eliminating air pockets

Customized Sealant Solutions Brochure